Our Promise

At Nal’s Kitchen, we commit to making Spreads, Dressings & Sauces, with no artificial preservatives that will enhance your food while simplifying your cooking.  Infused with spices and herbs from around the world, our products will excite your taste buds while nourishing your body with natural nutrients that promote health.

– Nalini Potineni, Founder & CEO

MY Journey

Nal’s Kitchen is a culmination of my journey that began nearly 30 years ago as an international student, in Boston, teaching myself how to cook out of necessity.  From that humble beginning, I have come to relish cooking, finding pleasure in experimenting with ingredients and great joy in creating dishes that delight my family and friends.   While being self-taught, I grew up watching my mom and grandma, in India, who cooked a lot and saw how they used spices and herbs to dramatically enhance the flavor of the food.  Over the years I have been captivated by the unique aromas and flavors of herbs & spices from around the world and use them extensively in my cooking.  I have also come to appreciate and learn about the many health benefits of herbs and spices.  As my cooking skills evolved, so did my life change from being single to a family of four.  Like most families, we had to juggle multiple activities and at times it was difficult to cook wholesome healthy dishes.  That is when I started making sauces in large quantities from fresh ingredients, spices & herbs for use over time to make a variety of dishes.  It was important to me that the spreads, dressings, and sauces I made could be used in a number of ways that would make my daily meals easy to dish up.  Now that my kids are college bound I started putting together my favorite spreads, dressings, and sauces to bring joy and simplicity to others cooking.

My favorites are the Ginger Spread and Honey Ginger Dressing.  They are both rich in one of the healthiest spice in the world, and also one of my favorite ingredients: ginger. Hopefully, using my products you can discover your own journey and Unleash the Chef in YOU.


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