December 31, 2019

Chilly morning in Chicago, a warm cup of coffee in my hand as I ruminate on 2019, I realize it was all about “spreading our wings”!  We expanded into farmers markets all around the Greater Chicago area and were thrilled to see many of our customers turn into regulars.  What a pleasure it was to hear about all the different ways our customers were enjoying our artisan products.  From making pizza sauce to dipping sauces using our dressing, eating the spread with rice cakes or eggs, adding our artisan products to zest up various dishes and appetizer trays. Thanks so much for sharing these with me and fueling my passion for this business.  We also had a few first, as we crossed state line to participate in Wisconsin markets and plunged into eCommerce towards the end of this year.  Exploring this whole online shopping experience should be so much fun next year.  We learnt a lot as we “spread our wings” and are thrilled with the support we continue to get from all our customers and market partners.   Thanks everyone for making 2019 a fabulous and enriching year!

On the personal front, my youngest son zoomed off to college and we embarked on the “empty nester” phase of our lives.  Little did I realize how challenging it would be to motivate myself to cook with spouse travelling and nobody else at home! Thanks goodness for my dressing & spread, they made it sinfully easy to whip up tasty and healthy meals. Wow, it is funny that I originally created these products to help me when life was hectic and now I need them even more as an empty nester 🙂

As 2019 winds down and we look to welcome in the new year with a full house, I am excited about 2020 and the opportunity to continue serving you our customers and be a part of making everyday meals easy to prepare, tasty and healthy.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy 2020!!


December 31, 2018

As 2018 comes to an end and I finally have some time to take a breath and reflect, it is amazing how fast it has flown by.   It was just 9 months ago that I was finally able to give life to my dream of launching a line of products that could make everyday meals easy to prepare.  We started by launching two products, our Ginger Spread and Honey Ginger Dressing, both artisanal products made by us with lots of love.  And it was truly a labor of love!!  Months of hard work getting the business off the ground, days spent selecting local vendors for our ingredients to hours dedicated to even the smallest detail on the label.  That first tasting event was a delicious mix of eager anticipation and trepidation that turned to joy as we received many positive reactions from our first customers.  Thanks to all of you for your feedback and more importantly for making us part of your pantry.  Your support continues to fuel my drive and motivation to continue our journey.  It has been a fun experience, filled with much growth and excitement.  I have had the pleasure of meeting fellow-artisans, event holders, market organizers all of whom have contributed to my education and the growth of our company.  Unquestionably 2018 was a year filled with joy and will always have a special place in my heart.  Thanks to you our customer for making us part of your pantry and we look forward to making your everyday meals easy to prepare, tasty and healthy.   

Happy New Year and we wish you the very best for 2019!!


July 6, 2018

The past 30 days have been hectic as we launched our social media platforms to stay in touch with all of you and help simplify your everyday cooking.   We have posted a number of new recipes that are easy to prepare while being tasty and healthy.  Do try them out and share your thoughts on these recipes.  Of course, would love to hear about your own creations using our products and share them proudly.  Do follow us for updates on our tasting events and more exciting recipes.

Let’s make everyday meals easy to prepare, tasty and healthy


April 7, 2018

I was excited to be a participant in the Artisan Market held by Williams Sonoma in Oakbrook Mall and appreciated all who stopped by to taste & experience our products. It was a pleasure to meet and engage with each of you.  Your comments and feedback were invaluable. I am excited and motivated by your positive reaction to continue bringing our products to the market. We will remain true to our promise to keep each and every bottle filled with natural nutrients and preservative free. Enjoy our products to make your daily meals easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. 

Bon Appétit and continue to Unleash the Chef in YOU.



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